How to Know When You’ve Eaten Enough | Summer Tomato

For those of you struggling with the four letter word “diet”, I’ve been there. Diets are easy to start, but the issues that come up down the road have to do with trying to stick to a plan that was not intended for you to follow forever. At some point you will have to change for health reasons or simply for your own sanity.

“Eating Mindfully” is more about listening to your body. Trying to get in sync with its cues will serve you well for the rest of your life. That’s something that a diet can’t do.


Amazing Black Bean Burgers

If you are going to eat a burger, you may as well eat an actual hamburger, but every now and then I crave a good meatless burger. For me, they must have a good Mexican flair to them, otherwise, I’m not interested.

This recipe is by far the best black bean burger I have ever had. It includes some ingredients I would have never thought to include in a black bean burger, and that is what makes Kenji… well, Kenji. The majority of my favorite recipes come from Kenji, and for good reason. If there is a best way to do anything or the best combination or specific ingredient, he has tried it and then some.